Black Horseshoe Kada

Black Horseshoe Kada – A Sacred Bracelet Good Luck Charm

By Saba

Black horseshoe kada’ is a kind of sacred bracelet made out of the shoes of a black horse. It is also a specifically wrapped chain made out of silver. The significance and the main purpose of this chain is to remove the ‘Vish Yoga’.

The ‘bad time’ arising because of the Moon and the planet Saturn coming in conjunction with each other. It is an amazing thing that the crescent shape of the moon and the horseshoe are very similar to each other. It actually identifies itself with the symbol of the Goddess of the moon of Ancient Europe.

The horseshoe kada is regarded as a charm of good luck by many. It is specially worn to be safe from black magic, tantric chants and evil eyes. It works as a protective sheath around the person from the evil spirits. It is also taken as sacred object helpful in removing bad luck from the house.

Furthermore it also helps in eliminating negativity, diseases and misfortunes from the person’s lives. It is considered a lucky charm by both the Indians as well as western people. The horseshoe kada acts as protector from the ill effects the planet Saturn or the Shani Dev.

In other words, it removes the malefic effects caused by Saturn. It helps in eradicating ‘Sadhesati’ from the person’s life. It is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to its wearer. It is considered best to wear it on a Saturday evening. It is also effective in bringing success in careers, business and jobs.

The significance of the horseshoe kada can be seen by the fact that its wearer has assured protection from the Goddess herself. That’s the belief from age old times. The black horseshoe is very effective against the Vish yoga hovering over a person’s life.

A person who comes under the spell of such Yoga is considered very unlucky. It destroys all the good things from the person’s life. The remedy for this Yoga is wearing the horseshoe kada. The horseshoe itself is regarded as a symbol of good luck. Hence, the kada made from it also will be regarded a good luck charm.

The basic purpose of this bracelet is to remove obstacles too. It acts as a barrier to unwanted problems. The kada on the whole creates a positive atmosphere in one’s life. It changes negative thinking going on in the minds of the person. It is helpful in charging a person with positive energy.

For charging the horseshoe kada, the Shani and the Chandra mantras are recited. Black horse kada’s uniqueness lies in its essential property. That is removing all three Doshas or evilness of the Shani dosha, Moon dosha and the Vish dosha.

It acts as a lucky charm for the people removing black magic from their lives. It also helps spiritually in clearing the minds of the people from dirty thoughts. It acts as a protective sheath all around the house guarding it against diseases and ill eyes.

Many people have received immense benefits by wearing this kada. Many Indian homes have been seen hanging the black horseshoe kada with horns over their doors. Being very superstitious, nearly everyone has faith in this kada.

They say many homes have been protected from storms, cyclones, earthquakes as a result of the whole family wearing the horseshoe kada. In a nearby town, a cyclone nearly swept away all the homes of that particular locality except one.

Upon finding out the actual reason for this miracle, it was shocking to know the strong, firm belief of the family. They laid the credit of their survival to the black horseshoe kada. This was amazing. It was proven once again that faith can move mountains.

Surely it can. Such amulets worn by an individual acts as a strong force from within the person. Anybody wearing it has a positive inner feeling that nothing can go wrong with them. That’s assuming this powerful amulet is worn by them. Some lucky charms like the black shoe kada are indeed proven charms that remove rotten fate from a person’s life.

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