girl eyes

Evil Eye Superstition

The Evil eye; just what is it that causes such powerful superstitious beliefs? By Twinty Karat. The evil eye is a look that is superstitiously believed by many cultures...

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lucky 786

Lucky Numbers

  Jenny asks…Why is 7 a lucky number? I'm trying to find information on the origin of the numerology of 7. For example, we know that 13 is considered unlucky..

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swastika pyramid

Swastika Pyramid

Swastika Pyramid - a Unique Talisman Utilizing the Power of the Pyramids By Bobby Blueblood The swastika pyramid is one of the spiritual objects used in Vastu..

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Rebirth Superstitions

Rebirth Superstitions or Life after Death - a very Ancient Superstition By Bobby Blueblood Rebirth or being born again after death is another superstition..

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luck and karma

Luck and Karma

Luck and Karma- The Demise of Luck and the Rise of Karma By Sangeeta The following document about luck and karma is eye-opening and in another sense, mind-blowing. Taken..

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