Karma and Dharma in India

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Karma and Dharma in India

By Rajeev

Every Hindu believes in the cycle of rebirth which is termed as ‘Samsara’ in India. The theories of karma and dharma will help you to understand better.

Karma is referred to as the deeds or actions of a person whether it is good or bad. If a person happens to do good things in the present birth he or she will be born with a better social status or else with a lower status in the society. Therefore, a person has to practice good karma throughout his or her life to achieve a better life in the next birth and so on it continues.

Indians believe that if something good happens it is because of the good karma and if something bad happens it is because of the bad karma practiced by the people. The people achieve certain things in their life based on their karma.

One may wonder why there are so many beggars in India. The simple explanation would be that it is because of their karma. Hindus so strongly believe in karma that they term it for each action done by each person.

Karma and DharmaIf you do good karma in this birth you may or may not get anything in return in this birth. However, you will definitely achieve it in your next birth.

If you keep ignoring this and do bad karma you become poorer and poorer and lower and lower social status as you are born again and again. So make good investment now by doing good karmas to live rich and in higher position in society in your next births. Even among Hindus not all believe in karma and dharma and they live ignoring them.

That is how some people call it as good luck when something good happens and as bad luck when something bad happens.

You will see some are born poor but they become rich as they grow. There are some people who are born rich but they die poor because of their bad karma. Some run their business successfully.

Others lose a lot of money investing in big deals. All these situations are believed to be part of the karma. Most Indians believe that karma plays a major role in every one’s success and failure in life.

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Dharma Means your Duty in this Life

Dharma on the other hand is your acceptance as yourself in your family and the society. Dharma simply means your duty in this life which you are supposed to do it smoothly to have a satisfied life.

If you do your dharma you can expect a higher social status in India in your next birth. Only those who believe in reincarnation show interest in doing dharma and karma. They believe that by doing so in this birth that positive results will occur in the next birth.

However, in nowadays not many believe in such beliefs and totally ignore them. They enjoy their life filled with selfish, ego, hatred, anger and with competitive minds.

Whether a person believes in these theories or not, practicing this will not harm anyone. Instead it will improve your life as well as your fellow beings.

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