Ganesh Shankh

Ganesh Shankh

Ganesh Shankh – the Conch Representing Lord Ganesha

By Lokesh Rathi.

The Ganesh Shankh or the conch representing Lord Ganesha is a sacred object to the Hindus. It comes under the category of the Shad shankha which is comprised of six auspicious shankhs or shells. As the name suggests, it the Ganesh shank represents the Lord Ganesha.

It is believed to remove many obstacles from life. Lord Ganesha is famous for his power of removal of obstacles and hurdles from the life of his devotees. Since ancient times, the Ganesha shank has always been an auspicious item for the Hindu devotees of Lord Ganesha. It has become a must for all Ganesha devotees.

The significance of the Ganesha shank can be seen from the fact itself that it represents Lord Ganesha who is regarded as a representative of the Supreme power of the Universe. Ganesha was the loving son of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. Hence he was given the privilege to be worshiped first according to the Vedas.

Lord Ganesha was always considered the God of success, education, wealth and prosperity.  He is worshiped mainly for two main reasons; one is to achieve success or siddhi and the other for buddhi or intelligence. If kept in the locker or cash box, it is said to increase the financial position of the person who keeps it. It is also auspicious to keep it in the Puja Ghar of the home.

It is also said that this conch acts as a protector to its owners during financial debacles. Keeping of the Gnash Shankh in homes and office is considered very sacred. It is common belief that the person who worships this Shankh will be safe from black magic and ominous spells.

A Ganesha Shank Removes Ill Effects of Bad Luck and Evil Spirits

The individual is also showered with blessings in the fields of education and career. It is said that every house should own a Ganesha shank as it removes ill effects of bad luck and evil spirits from the house and it also protects the house from many calamities and mishaps.

It also tends to strengthen the character of a person by purifying his mind and body from evil thoughts. The shank helps in enhancing the confidence of an individual and thus making him strive to achieve wealth and success in every field that he enters.

The Hindu Shashtras say that the Ganesha shank also helps in removing the malefic effect of the planet Rahu along with the lucky Gajraj and thus removing all the hurdles in one’s life due to the spell of the planet Rahu.

It works so well that the rivals of the devotees of the Ganesha shank become the friends of the devotees in an unexplained way. The worshiper of this holy conch shell gains deep intuitional senses by which all the six senses of the person starts to work in an unexpected way.

The devotees become successful in all the tasks that they perform. They also receive immense wisdom. This magical Shankh fulfills nearly all the dreams and ambitions of its worshipers. The life of a person who is a staunch devotee and worshiper of this conch shell becomes filled with positive energy and vibrations emancipated by the sacred Ganesha Shankh.

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