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Heera Shankh – a Hindu Lucky Charm used to Attract Wealth

By Saba

heera shankhThe Heera Shankh is an important and holy artifact of the Hindus. It is a kind of conch shell glittering with many different colors. Basically it is a right sided conch shell but it is fossil led as well. It is a nature made shell.

The life span of a Heera Shankh is 10,000 years or may be a little more on an average scale. Some religious texts say that this Heera Shankh might have been the Dakshinavarti Shankh which is a rare species of conch shells.

It is very beautiful and is totally filled with many different kinds of gems. The shankh also has crystals with a variety of colors like the blue, gray, green, yellow, white, almond, brown etc. It is formed very naturally and has a dull appearance from the outer side.

The story behind the Heera Shankh is very interesting and beautiful. Many years ago, there lived a staunch devotee of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu, known as Heera Ujwala. She lived in a village near the river Ganges which flew into the ocean those days. Once an epidemic spread in the village where she lived with her two sons. They both fell into the grip pf the epidemic. Her daughters-in-law also fell prey to the disease.

She was asked in her dream to go under severe penance to please her deities whom she worshiped so deeply. Heera immediately sat down for the penance in front of the fire and started performing the yajna to please Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi.


She Worshiped the Rare Conch Shell Dakshinavarti Shankh

For many days she went without food and water. She and sat down for worshiping the rare conch shell, Dakshinavarti Shankh. After some days of severe penance, Lord Vishnu was pleased with her and he gifted her a very big conch shell.

It was the biggest Dakshinavarti shell having a right side opening. As a result, the whole village got rid of the disease but she still continued her prayers to please Goddess Laxmi. While she was under her penance, heavy rains and storms started. This caused a strong ocean wave that washed away all her donations (offerings). There were flowers, utensils, and fruits washed into the ocean. The Agni Jwala or the Yajna Fire was extinguished. This made the old lady furious. She gave a curse that the ocean should vanish from that place and it should become a plain land.

The result of this curse was that all the species and shanks became stones. They remained there without moving into the ocean including all the Dakshinavarti shankhs too. Goddess Laxmi asked her to take her curse back. She promised her that all the devotees and worshipers, including the Dakshinavarti shankhs will be blessed with prosperity and immense wealth.

The Dakshinavarti conch shells turned into stones and were known as the Heera shankh from then onward. After billions of years, they changed into fossil led shells and beautiful gems were embedded on it. This is why the Mahalakshmi Sadhna is done with the help of this conch shell.

Worshipers of this Heera Shankh should be pure and clean. Then they should sit on a clean mat facing the north while worshiping this Shankh. The devotees of the Heera Shankh never experience poverty or scarcity. They are always blessed with fortune and wealth, as well as good luck.


Heera Shankh

Distorsioventricosa. Photo by Pet~commonswiki / CC BY-SA 3.0

Many People have Benefited by Keeping this Priceless Conch Shell

The puja altar is the best place to keep this shell. It is a rare lucky charm that is used as a wealth attracting artifact. Wednesdays and Fridays are the best days for placing of the Heera Shankh at the temple altar.

After performing the puja for the Heera shankh’s installation, it should be kept in the money box or the locker. Many people have benefited by keeping this priceless conch shell in their homes and business places. Some of the well-known businessmen and industrialists have reached the heights of prosperity due to the effects of the Heera Shankh.

This is stated with regard of their personal opinions. Numerous financial problems have been solved by the chant of the sacred verse ‘Om Namah Ganpate’ for about 108 times near the Heera Shankh. It is a proven fact that this auspicious Shankh is no doubt a valuable and sacred item.

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