Laghu Nariyal


Laghu Nariyal – also known as the Mini Puja Nariyal

By Lokesh Rathi.

Laghu Nariyal

Among the different kinds of coconuts which are used as lucky charms, the Laghu coconut is the tiniest and the smallest one. The Laghu Nariyal is equivalent to the size of a betel nut. The rare fact about the Laghu coconut is its small size. It has three eyes; they are actually three black dots. 

It actually means the donor or giver is Lakhsmi as it is known for its endowment of wealth and comforts of life. The Laghu coconut should be wrapped in a white cloth. Keep it in a safe place in a locker.

It is believed that the Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth is present in those places where the Laghu Nariyal is kept. Generally it is found in all the sea shores. This Nariyal is also known as the Mini Puja Nariyal.

The Laghu Nariyal is proven and tested to be effective as a good luck charm. Due to the Laghu Nariyal you will enjoy the comforts and luxuries of life. This Nariyal is also considered as a rare object used for worship. The Nariyal increases the wealth and prosperity of the person in whose house it is kept.

It should always be kept in a clean and sacred part of the house on the occasion of some auspicious day after the consecration process. Along with a coin and some sandalwood paste, this Laghu Nariyal is used as an offering to the deities on special occasions.

Another name of the Laghu Nariyal is the Srifal. The place of worship where this Nariyal is placed should be clean and purified first. It can be either kept in office locker or at the temple inside the house. 

This Sacred Coconut is Considered a Rare Lucky Charm

lakshmiThen the worship of Goddess Lakshmi should be performed in such a way that it becomes the part of the daily routine. Only then the life of the person will be enriched and prosperous. The best, most effective way to receive the blessings of the Gods is probably due to the Laghu Nariyal.

This sacred coconut is considered as a rare lucky charm. The Nariyal helps a person get his desired results for his efforts. The charm is considered a distinctive item beneficial in receiving the benediction of the Supreme Power. In spite of being a minuscule coconut, this coconut has the power to be used for Tantrik mantras.

For the worship of the Laghu Nariyal first burn incense sticks in front of the coconut. Then the offerings of milk and rice should be offered in front of it.  The prayers to the goddess should be performed ritually.

Then one can get quick results from this mini lucky charm. If it is used in an appropriate way, then this coconut can help a person to gain happiness and success in life. The coconut removes any hindrance in the way. Eternal bliss can be attained when the charm of this object starts working.

Its importance has been mentioned even in the scriptures and mythological tales. This lucky charm is a tested article. The charm invites luxuries and comforts into one’s life. This Nariyal should be kept along with all the essential Puja ingredients during any auspicious occasions held in the home, office or temple.

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