Lucky Number 786

Lucky Number 786 – are You Aware of its Significance?

By Chitraparna Sinha

786 is an Islamic symbol. The number signifies the benevolent and merciful Allah whom the Islamic world reveres. The number 786 is derived from the first verses of the Quran. It is the lucky number used by Muslims all over the world.

When you add up the first verse of the Quran, its sum total comes to 786. This is where this number got its significance from. Hence is considered as a lucky number for Muslims.  Not only Muslims use this number as their good luck charm.

It is also used by the Hindus and all those people belonging to Indian origin. According to the ‘abjad’ system, the science of numerology in Islam, this number is valued a lot by the people of the sub-continent.

The number is used as an alternative to using the name ‘Allah’. People prefer to write this number on papers, documents and examination answers sheets. The name ‘Allah’ is not written on papers because they can get spoiled or destroyed, which will be seen as disrespect to Allah.

It is a holy number and is said to bring good luck and good fortune for those who use it properly and with sanctity. 786 is generally used before starting any significant task. It is actually an alternative way of taking God’s name with sanctity.

786 lucky number

The belief of 786 bringing good luck is mainly followed by the South Asian Muslim Community. It is considered as a good omen by the Muslims.


Cultural Views about Luck

Cultural views of luck vary from perceiving luck as a matter of random chance to attributing to luck explanations of faith or superstition.

Christianity and Islam believe in the will of a supreme being rather than luck as the primary influence in future events. The degrees of this Divine Providence vary greatly from one person to another; however, most acknowledge providence as at least a partial, if not complete influence on luck.

In Hinduism it is said that by proper worship, with a meticulous prayer procedure (Sanskrit: Shri Lakshmi Sahasranam Pujan Vidhi) the blessings of Lakshmi, the Hindu Devi (English: Divinity) of Money and Fortune, may be obtained. Lakshmi Parayan (Prayer) is performed in most Hindu homes on the day of Diwali or the festival of lights.

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786 is Put on Some Muslim Houses, Vehicles and Other Articles

In Burma, most of the Muslim houses and their shops definitely have the number 786 prominently displayed on them in order to get Allah’s blessing. It is also used to show that the house or shop belongs to a Muslim family. According to every Muslim, it is a divine number. 

This is the reason that some people wear it on their necks or tie it on their arms as armlets. It is believed that doing so will keep you away from ill omens and misfortune.

This number is also put on houses, vehicles and many other articles of importance. The wedding cards of the Muslim community begin with this number on the very top of the inlay card. Some people also consider it to lucky to use it on their license number plates.

There are still others who buy lottery tickets containing this number. So many others collect currency notes carrying 786 numbers as they believe that it brings good fortune and wealth. Some Hindus also collect these currency notes to promote harmony between the two communities.

Even many filmmakers and film stars of the Asian origin use this number as a sign of good luck for the success of their films. The number 786 is considered like a good luck charm which produces positive effect over the fortunes of people.

Certain numbers are said to emit positive energy when used in a proper way. 786 is believed to be one of them. This number being derived directly from the holy book Quran has its own potential value when it is related to good luck.

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