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Questions About the Om Symbol

Presented by Rajeev

Sandy asks…

Is it ok, for me as a Christian, to wear the symbol Om?

I recently bought a bag and it seemed to be a neat one but on the other side it had the symbol for Om. As a Christian, is this ok to wear, or should I remove it?
Ok to clarify, I see some of you think I believe in it and some of you think I am wearing it just because it’s pretty.

I’m not trying to offend my papa.
I don’t believe in the Hindu religions.
I’m just concerned that wearing shows that my faith is being drawn elsewhere.

I understand how some of you think that I would be straying away from my father by being distracted by the attractiveness of other religions, but I’m not. I assure you, I am not.

To expand, when I was buying it the lady told me it was relevant to all religions. Whether you were Christian, Hindu, or Buddhist. It symbolized the creator and balance. Maybe I was being swayed by false advertising but none-the-less, I bought it. Should I take it off or not?

Suzi Q answers:

If you’re questioning it, I’m sure you know the answer.

Put your faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation before it’s too late.

Charles asks…

Why do we wear a symbol of Jesus rather than a symbol of God?

When you think about it, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to wear a symbol that means “God” such as the Hebrew letters or even the OM symbol?
Even Jesus wanted us to focus on the Father.
It seems that it would be better to be reminded of God, since we probably don’t need to be reminded that we are Christians.
What do you think?

Suzi Q answers:

Because the Lord God is ineffable, incomprehensible, inconceivable and infinite. Nothing even came before Him to give Him a name.
The One is not male nor female, It is the Spirit, the Light in which it lives within each one of us. We cannot see this, but we can feel and share all that is felt within.

“The words that are heard, the symbols and rituals used, belong to this world. Do not be deceived. If these things belonged to the eternal realm, they would never be pronounced or used in this world, nor would they designate worldly things. They would refer to what is in the eternal realm.”

Paul asks…

Does the Om symbol have anything to do with Buddhism?

I got a bracelet and it has the Om ( symbol on it. Can a Buddhist wear it and go on to say its a Buddhist symbol? I always thought it had to do with Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism but apparently not according to a Hindu friend..

Suzi Q answers:

“Om” is used in Tibetan Buddhism.
Monks will change “Om”, and the most-widely used Buddhist mantra starts with “Om”: Om mani padme hum

Om, in Tibetan Buddhism, means “body, speech and mind of Buddha”
Mani means compassion
Padme means the lotus (its roots are in mud, brown it grow up to reach the water surface, into the light, and beautiful blooms with a wonderful scent)
Hum means (more or less) “make it so”

William asks…

What is your favourite or coolest hindu god or goddess ?

Ok its my Dreadlock wearing, Om chanting, Meditating, The symbol of male sexuality, The teaser of goddess SHAKTI,The Cosmic dancer Lord Shiva, Yes my hippie Lord Shiva

Love GANESH too,
You dont have to be a hindu to answer this

Suzi Q answers:


David asks…

any sikhs out there? would you consider this offensive?

i’m looking to get my first tattoo and was thinking of an om symbol…something small to start with. i’m not specifically hindu, just open minded on religious stuff really, and have seen it and liked the look on other people. so i was looking at different versions of the symbol online and found the sikh symbol called the khanda….had no idea what it was but thought it looked real cool. some nice folks here on yahoo answers helped me identify it. i like both the design and the symbolism behind it, and had the thought that it might make a better choice for my tattoo….something more unusual, you know? is this a bad idea? from what i’ve read sikhs tend to be somewhat strict in their customs, so would it be offensive for someone who is not a sikh to wear this symbol? or can i get away with it like i would with the om? just looking for some feedback …..

Suzi Q answers:

Well I am Sikh – I don’t know how personally I myself would take it, but I can say that it certainly could be considered very disrespectful. The Khanda is one of the most significant and well-recognized symbol representing Sikhism. Each of the four weapons used to make up the Khanda have symbolic meaning, indicating knowledge and oneness of God, and balance in spiritual and earthly power. It really does symbolize several of the fundamental beliefs of Sikhism.

Wearing a Khanda simply because “it looks cool” and without understanding and/or appreciation of its significance can certainly be looked upon as offensive and disrespectful.

Helen asks…

Do you wear a Cross, Star Of David, Om..or any other religious symbol?

If so what is the reason?

Suzi Q answers:

I hardy ever wear jewelry.- In my line of work it’s usually a bad idea. However sometimes I do wear a Star of David necklace, because of my Jewish background and a sliver necklace with the Lord Buddha on it, because someone very dear to my heart gave it me. Though I am a Buddhist I don’t put it on because of that, but because I love the person who gave it to me.

Betty asks…

Is Om considered religous?

I practice yoga and always find the sound “Om” very calming. Therefore I’m thinking of getting an “Om” pendant to remind myself to face life in a calm way; However, I realized the symbol also has religous implications (Hinduism) and I don’t want to wear sth that represents a religion that I don’t fully understand. If I wear an Om pendant, would it be considered unacceptable as I’m Christian?

Suzi Q answers:

Many people who are responding to this question do NOT understand what they talk.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOm is 100 % Religious.(Hindu Symbol)

In Taittriya Upanishad there is a seperate chapter on various aspects of Om.

Mantram Number (1) “Om Ithi Eka Aksharam Brahman”=(meaning) Om is single lettered Symbol of Brahman (God).

One may ask=> “there are two letters-“O” M”-How is it ONE lettered”?. In Sanskrit all vowels and consonants while pronouncing–would end with “m”–“m” is not considered as a letter–like Am–Im–Um–Em–etc

“Aksharam” has a differnt Religious connotation also =Ksharam=delible/destructible–

Aksharam=indelible/indestructable-I don’t want to go into the details now.

Mantram Number (2)”Agnir Devathaa”=(meaning) the controlling Deity of Om is Agni (Fire God)

Mantram (3) “Brahma Ithi Arsham”==(meaning) the creator Brahma is the Arsha (that is –to whom OOO-Om was “Revealed by GOD.)

Mantram (4) “Gayatram Chandham”=OOO-Om is to be recited in Gayatri meter(24 syllables in Hindu Unit of Time)—carefully count —I have put 24 =>OOOOOs—this intonation, one has to learn from a Qualified Teacher=GURU-NOT from an “Upstat” American Yoga teacher.–even if he/she is an “Indian American”–None of these Yoga Gurus know how to recite–(IGNORANCE IS BLISS) Taittriya Upanishad.

=>Go to “You Tube” =>listen to Sri.(Mr) Chandrasekara Dravid –Hanuman Ghat,Varanasi (Benares)–(he is a Telugu Vedic Scholar )–how to recite Taittrya Upanishad. It is First Rank recitation.

Mantram (5) “Param Aathma Swaroopam”=(meaning) the “Form” of OOOOOOOOOOOO–Om is the immanent and transcendent Brahman.

Mantram (6) “Saayujyam Vini YOGAm”=(meaning) One gets SIVA/VISHNU/SAKTHI Saayujyam —

It goes on –on-on–on– like that–I can NOT type and intrepret one full chapter on OOOOOOOOOOOOO—-Om –here.


So be sure

Robert asks…

Hindu symbols????

ok, here is a general question…I dont have any friends that are hindu, so i figured I could ask on here. Im in a eastern religions class and we are doing reports on religous hindu sybols ( had to pick two) so here is my question. What do the symbols of om and Brahman mean to you as a hindu? I researched it and understand what they stand for, but what does it mean to you. Your personal religous interpretation…kinda of the same concept as the cross, which sometimes means different things to christians when they see it. Additionally, how do you feel when you see people (hindu or not) wear these symbols as pendants? Would you wear it as a pendant? I understand that these symbols may not be exclusively for hindus but that is the focus of the paper. Thanks so much for your answers!

Suzi Q answers:

Ohm – means AMEN. Means ‘as u say, so shall it be’
Brahman – means a devotee

But studying the Hinduism, I came to know about Christ too. And He is the only one Deity person in the entire Hindu literature mentioned that died for The Sins of mankind as a Sacrifice. History and facts have very well proven it, and My friend, you can also experience the same. Your life will never be the same, Jesus Christ died for your sins. And we get forgiveness when we accept Jesus Christ as our Only God and Saviour of our sins, and Ask Him to enter your Life – You will be promised Eternal Life with Him!

Feel free if to email me! Thanks!

Carol asks…

i want to get a tattoo but i am a lawyer…i want it on my shoulder….do you think this would be appropriate.

I am a lawyer, but so badly want a tat on my shoulder of the OM symbol……it would be hidden at work as never wear owt with straps etc…but still…..

Suzi Q answers:

Just as long as it isn’t visable, shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Donald asks…

Tamil Om pendant?

I’d really like to buy a pendant/charm that is the “Om” symbol in Tamil. Got any links? It would be great if somebody was selling it in the USA. I’d like to get it in silver. Can you help me? Thanks!

Suzi Q answers:

Yes, it is found. on line special ”tamil om”
3845, N.Druid, Hills Road, Decatur, GA 30039 Atlanta.
Phone (404) 4771004.

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