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Luck and Karma

Luck and Karma- The Demise of Luck and the Rise of Karma By Sangeeta The following document about luck and karma is eye-opening and in another sense, mind-blowing. Taken to heart, it destroys the ancient concept (in the Western world) of good and bad luck. Luck and Karma – is LUCK all in the MIND? This article came about when I decided to have a long book review written of a certain well-known book explaining Luck. I thought the book…

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Good Karma / Good Luck Sayings

50 Good Karma Good Luck Quotes, Proverbs and Sayings By Charles L Harmon. Many people will tell you they have a good karma good luck saying or have heard a saying that they like about karma or luck. But of course not everyone will agree whether these sayings or superstitions have any merit or have any bearing on luck or karma. If you believe any of these sayings or quotes bring good luck or good karma that’s great. We won’t…

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108 Karma Quotes

108 Karma Quotes and Many Thoughts on Karma By Shankar Karma, what exactly is it? Living here in the United States the concept of Karma is relatively unfamiliar. Yes everyone has heard of karma, but do we really know what it is or means? Generally it means you get what you deserve. That can be from this life and for those who believe in multiple births and lives it may mean karma from other past lives bringing good or bad…

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