Rebirth Superstitions

Rebirth Superstitions or Life after Death – a very Ancient Superstition By Bobby Blueblood Rebirth or being born again after death is another superstition that has been prevalent from age old times. It is one of several rebirth superstitions that creates hope in the minds of many who fear death. Life after death is a concern of nearly everyone. A lot of us wonder what is going to happen after one dies in this life. Rebirth is a very fascinating…

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Hindu Beliefs

  Hindus And Their Beliefs By sacred Indian scriptures, the Brahmans who are the priests having the rights to perform pujas and rituals, the reincarnation is the soul transmigrating from the body after the death to another in the next birth, and karma which is one’s deed to achieve good life in this birth as well as for good rebirth. Hindus believe in different gods and still they are known as Hindus. However, most of the Hindus are great followers…

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