Indian Mantras

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Indian Mantras – it’s the Vibration that’s Most Important

By Rajeev

Indian Mantras

Mantra’ the word itself, is believed to have existed even before the humans arrived on the earth. It comes from the pure inner consciousness that is believed to have started the creation. Unlike any other sound that is produced when it hits an object this word comes from the inner heart.

If you want to experience the power of Indian mantras you should be able to see it with your soul’s eyes and not with your sense organs. This sacred vision to see the power of mantras is only possible by the sages as they possess spiritual life. The knowledge that is transmitted by the rishis cannot be found in our speech no matter up to what level you are educated.

ryogen mantra

A portrait of Ryogen (912-985) with the Mantra Cintamani-cakra “OM VARADA PADME HUM / OM PADMA CINTAMANI DŻWALA HUM”. Ryogen is generally known by the names of Gansan Daishi (left) or Tsuno Daishi (right). The figure of Tsuno Daishi (horned great master) is said to be a portrait of him subjugating vengeful ghosts.

We are born in the world that is filled with selfishness, jealously, hatred, anger, and unlimited desire. This is the cause for not understanding the universal language conveyed by the sages. In order to make the normal listeners understand what the sages are communicating they tried to convey in a mystical language by mixing other contents. However, not much was understood by the disciples.

The supreme truth and the knowledge which the sages tried to share with their disciples failed to reach them. They lacked the inner and spiritual ability to understand the meaning of the ultimate truth.


Mantras have Definite Meanings

Buddhist mantra

Lotus flower design with Sanskrit syllables in the Ranjana script, at a Buddhist temple in Tianjin, China. The syllables are “om ma ni pa dme hum”, that is, the Buddhist mantra “om manipadme hum.”

There are certain mantras used while meditating. Mantras have definite meanings. When one meditates knowing the meaning transforms the person into the real mediator and they receive the utmost desired results. For this, the mediator should keep uttering the mantras until they feel it touching their heart and mind. However, it is the vibration of the mantra uttered that reaches the soul and mind and not its meaning.

The natural mantra is within yourself. The natural inner sound that comes from you is your breath. To understand the sound and its meaning you need to sit quietly and concentrate to the rhythmic flow of your breath. When you inhale you will hear the sound ‘so’ and when you exhale you will hear ‘hum’ sound.

When you concentrate continuously to the rhythm you will hear the universal mantra ‘so-hum’ which in Sanskrit means sa-aham and in English ‘That I am’. In grammatically correct form it turns out to be ‘I am That’. When using this universal mantra for meditation it is short medicine to get rid of mind disturbances.


 Universal Mantra gives You an Inner Feeling of Your Being

indian mantraThe practice of universal mantra will not only give you the awareness of life but you will gain an inner feeling of your being. This is the time when one experiences initiation. If you want to go further to a higher level you need to have the insight of the mantra and its related faith and science.

Some students don’t realize this and they abandon it when they are unable to understand the science behind the mantras. You should be owner of a pure heart and highly intellect to understand the meaning of initiation. If you have chosen the right path, teacher, and the tradition read your mind to find out what you are expecting next.

There are certain teachers who help the students so much that they become fully dependent on them. However, the scriptures say that you should not become dependent on others. The rules of initiation can be found in the literature called Mantra shastra.


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