Indian or Vedic Astrology

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Indian or Vedic Astrology helps to make Good Decisions on Important Matters

By Shankar

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Astrology is used for several purposes. In fact more and more people are showing interest in learning about it. They want to understand how it can work for them. In India, people use Indian or Vedic Astrology to make good decisions on important matters. Many people in India consult astrologers for conducting auspicious ceremonies.

Ceremonies are chosen by choosing the right day and month considered to be auspicious. That’s the time to start something that is important in one’s life.

Astrology is also used to understand the character or personality of a person as well as their future life. Many people are curious to find their destiny through astrology. Some of them start their day by reading their horoscope for that particular day or week. Most people in India believe in Indian or Vedic Astrology. They use it in their daily life.


Indian Astrology and the Theory About Fate

zodiacIndian astrology goes mainly by the theory about fate. Hindu scriptures say that karma plays a major role in determining your life. That’s both in the present and the future. It is believed if you do good deeds in this life your fate can be good in your next life. Whereas if your actions are bad in this life you might incur bad fate during your life in your next birth.

In short, your karma or deeds can determine your fate. However, your life does not completely depend on fate alone. At the time of your birth, the aspects and movements of the planets affect you. On that particular day they can reveal your character and destination according to astrology. It is impossible for any normal person to guess his or her future or destination. Astrology helps you make it possible.

What can Indian or Vedic Astrology Do?

Astrology also lets you know about your own character. It helps in understanding the character of the people around you. This might be helpful for you at some point in your life. Marriages in India are fixed by taking advice from astrologers. Not only the day and the month are fixed based on astrology. Even the right person can be chosen as life partner by using astrology.

sadhuIn India, people also use astrology for choosing the right career and profession. Astrology also helps a person to understand his or her good and bad points. Through it you learn the remedies that can help you to have an improved life.

Astrology can help by showing your destiny. However, it mostly depends on you how you understand it. Additionally how you try to improve your life to have a successful life.

Astrology can give you hints as to what is good or bad for you. It can tell you what you can do or should not do. It solely depends on how you take it because you are the driver of your life. If you take it the wrong way it can lead you into a lot of trouble. If you wisely choose the right road you will reach your destination successfully without much trouble.

Whenever bad things happen people blame fate. If something good happens they assume that they are lucky. Howsoever you take it, choose wisely the road to your destination with the help of astrology. You can have a successful life if you do.

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This Indian or Vedic Astrology really sounds interesting to me. Being born in the USA and never hearing about Vedic Astrology until I got involved with this site and good luck traditions it is amazing that people actually use Indian or Vedic Astrology to make decisions.

If any readers use this type of astrology please comment on what you use it for and if it works for you. I’d be very interested to hear your experiences with Vedic Astrology. If comments are closed due to spam please use the contact form to enter your comment.


Indian or Vedic Astrology

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