Swastika Pyramid – a Unique Talisman Utilizing the Power of the Pyramids

By Bobby Blueblood

The swastika pyramid is one of the spiritual objects used in Vastu Shashtra and other astrological sciences. The word pyra means fire or the cosmic force and the word mid stands for middle or between.

In other words, the whole concept of pyramid is to hold the universal life giving energy or the cosmic energy in the bosom. Besides Egypt, many other countries have recognized this power of the pyramids. They have utilized them in the field of construction and other areas.

In India, the temple dome is constructed by using the pyramidal shapes in them. The idol of the main deity is placed just under the pyramidal roof to absorb maximum energy in the temples. Importance of the swastika symbol can be judged from the fact that it is also the symbol of Lord Ganesha.

The Lord is regarded as the representative of the power of the Supreme Being. The swastika symbol is regarded as an auspicious symbol for good luck and fortune. Therefore, the combination of the pyramid and the swastika led to the discovery of the Swastika pyramid. The Swastika pyramid is a sacred artifact of the Hindus.

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The Two Important Forces make a Unique Talisman – Swastika Pyramid

Amalgamation of the two important forces led to the making of a unique talisman called the ‘swastika pyramid’. It is considered an effective symbol to bring about prosperity and wellness. It is a unique plate on which 729 red colored pyramids are inbuilt within 81 grids.

There is also a bottom activator of about eight copper and one gold radiator that radiate energy. Addition of five pyramids of gold to induce the vital pyra centers. There are eight types of metals or Astha –Dhatu used in the making of this amulet.



You can Buy these Unique Talismans

There are various types of the Swastika pyramid available in the market. Apart from the normal ones, there is gold swastika pyramid and the mini swastika pyramid too. The mini swastika pyramid can be used at homes, computers, and cash box. You can also use it for cupboards, puja rooms inside the house and also the study table.

The swastika gold pyramid is more effective than the normal ones as it has the power of 700 percent gold more than the usual ones. Hence it is also known as the ‘pyramid 700-gold’. These are also used for Vaastu and pyra vastu purposes.

The swastika is also a very useful lucky charm as it is believed that nothing can go wrong in the places where Lord Ganesha resides. Placing of the swastika pyramid on the doorway prevents ill luck from entering the house; it also safeguards the house from malefic eyes.

A brass swastika can be nailed to the doors and windows of homes. It will protect the house from evil eyes and also prevent entry of negative energy into the house. The swastika pyramid is the easiest and vital solution to all problems related to Vaastu. This amulet works on the fact that the pyramids absorb and magnify the positive energy induced by the Swastika. Thus it will provide the maximum benefits.


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