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10 General Travel Tips that Could Apply to Many Places You Might Visit

travel tips

Yes you too can travel. Take heed of these and more travel tips to follow.

When you go away to a far off destination, it should be an enjoyable experience. However, you will sometimes hear horror stories about someones travel experiences. This is likely because people didn’t take the necessary precautions when visiting other countries or travel destinations. Maybe just one of the following travel tips can save you a lot of time or grief.

Here are ten tips you can use to your advantage for your next trip. That’s assuming you write them down or otherwise save them. But to be effective you need to follow them.

1. Use a wallet that is carefully concealed so it won’t be easy to snatch.

2. If you are worried about your travelers checks, then send it to yourself via post to the hotel you will be staying at.

India traveler3. Although not strictly necessary, but it is advisable. You should have a general outline of where you are going and staying. Then leave it with a family member in case something happens. They would know where to start looking.

4. Keep copies of your personal identification at home just in case you may need it.

5. When traveling, try and bring only one credit card so you minimize the loss if your wallet gets stolen.

6. Another option is to use a prepaid credit or debit card. You can find them in shops and online. One such card that I highly recommend is the PayPal preloaded card.

7. Bring phone numbers of essential people to contact and also things like the embassy’s phone number. Also the phone number to cancel your credit card in case it is necessary.

travel tips

Get ready for a new experience on your first trip to India.

8. Make sure to keep a copy of your travel insurance information at home for emergencies.

9. If you have allergies or depend on specific medicine, then bring the basic information. Ideally it should be written in the local language of the destination you are visiting in case of an emergency.

10. Understand what insurance is covered on your Credit Card. Some things may not be covered in foreign countries.


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