Shwetark Ganpati

Shwetark Ganpati

Shwetark Ganpati – the idol of Lord Ganesha made from the rarest shrub Shwetark

By Lokesh Rathi.

Shwetark Ganpati

Shwetark ganpati is an exception in the plant kingdom. It is the idol of Lord Ganesha made out of the rarest shrub Shwetark. The root of this plant is used in making the Ganpati’s idol. The Shwetark Ganpati is regarded as a very sacred artifact by the Hindus. It is also believed to be very pure and rare thing to be found on this earth.

calotropis gigantea

English: Calotropis gigantea (habit). Photo by Forest & Kim Starr/CC BY 3.0

When observed carefully, it can be seen that it is a very naturally made idol of Lord Ganesha found in the midst of many aak plants. This one is generally white in color as the name indicates as it is the white stem of this plant which turns out to be the form of Lord Ganesha and this in itself is very rare phenomenon.

In general, the aak plant with blue and purple flowers is available in abundance but the one which has white stems and has flowers are the unique ones. Sometimes it acquires the shape of the Ganpati but many people take the white bark of the plant to the carpenter to carve out the image of the Ganpati.

Therefore small, medium or even huge sizes of Shwetark Ganpatis are available in the market. Another amazing feature of this plant is that this plant is never touched by any animals because of its toxic properties. Another popular name of this plant is ‘Madar’. In Ayurveda, it is also known as the life -giving plant because of its various medicinal and mystical properties.

It is Believed Lord Ganesha Lives in the Roots of the Shwetark Plant

Shwetark GanpatiThis plant’s significance can be seen by the fact that it is believed that the Lord Ganesha lives in the roots of this plant. Many a times in rare cases, the roots take in the form of the Lord. Therefore, the roots of this plant should be regarded as pure and sacred and should be venerated deeply with faith.

On peeling the bark of the plant, the Ganpati image can bee seen over the roots. This is the actual Shwetark Ganpati.  The Hindu Shastras say that it is very auspicious to keep Shwetark Ganpati in the house as it brings immense wealth and prosperity and it also helps in warding of evil from the house.

There are many evidences in the Hindu scriptures and mythology regarding the sacredness and the purity of this plant. This kind of Ganpati is used during prayers for awakening the Ganpati and if once the Ganpati is awakened from the call of its devotees, then nothing at all can go wrong with the devotee.

All kinds of negativity like disorders, poverty, and hindrance in success, squabbles and malevolent effects of evil eyes are easily diminished from the house where the Ganpati is kept.


English: Calotropis gigantea flower. Photo by Forest & Kim Starr/CC BY 3.0

When performing Puja of the Ganpati, some rituals have to be followed to get immense benefits from it. Rose wood, red cloth, green grass and red flowers are must during thee performance of the Puja. While reciting the chants and mantras, the worshiper should use only Rudraksh Mala or the coral mala.

Jaggery and gram flower are the ingredients that are mainly used for the offerings to the Lord. By worshiping the Shwetark Ganesha, one can also obtain spiritual powers but only if the mind and body is pure.

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