Tantrik Nariyal

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Tantrik Nariyal; a Hindu Lucky Charm for Wealth and Prosperity

By Vishal Sharma

Tantrik Nariyal is a coconut lucky charm. There are various types of coconuts that are used as lucky charms or artifacts by people in the Hindu religion.

It is popularly called the ‘Ekashi nariyal’, or the ‘Tankrot nariyal’. The name ‘Tankrot nariyal’ is given to it because of its specialty. It is used in various Tantra Sadhna or rituals performed by the Tantriks.

Generally a coconut has three eyes or black spots but the uniqueness of the Tantrik or Ekashi nariyal is that it has only one eye and one mouth on it which is very rare.

Therefore it is called the Ekashi nariyal or the ‘one-eyed coconut’. These types of coconuts are very found one in a million and therefore, they are very precious and auspicious.


Tantrik Nariyal is Rarely Found Among Millions of Coconuts

The significance of a tantrik nariyal can be seen in the fact that it is found very rarely among millions of coconuts. It is considered very auspicious to keep this kind of nariyal in the homes and offices as it acts as a protector against evil spirits and supernatural powers.

Hanging a tantrik nariyal on the doorways is taken as very lucky for the whole family. Keeping an ekashi nariyal at homes mans success in financial spheres as well as in spiritual spheres.

Such people who keep the ekashi nariyal in their homes attain faster success in spirituality.

It is a very lucky charm to gain wealth and prosperity, and to solve all the financial problems. There is another belief regarding this sacred nariyal that the homes where such nariyals are placed, the children of that particular house become wise and pure hearted. It is also helpful in warding off the ill effects of base customs.

A person who places an Ekashi nariyal tied with a red colored cloth in his locker or cash box will have financial prosperity and wealth gains. Mondays and Thursdays are considered auspicious for the placing of this coconut in the house.

All the desires and wishes of the person will soon be fulfilled. Placing it in the house premises will make the house pure and clean.

The family experiences monetary gains too. There is also happiness and joy in the family. Relationships are well maintained. The family also gets protection from illnesses, sorrows and fear of the unexpected and the unknown.

It is believed that putting the Tantrik nariyal in a copper tumbler filled with water and then if this water is sprinkled all over the house, it helps in eliminating fear and diseases from the house.

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A Tantrik Nariyal can Change a Home to One of Peace and Happiness

Bathing with this water is helpful in removing many ailments and other physical problems. If the Ekashi nariyal is wrapped up in red cloth. It is hung at the entrance door or even the ceiling of the house.

It energizes the flow of wealth into the house. One can never undergo financial problems.

The home where there are frequent disputes over petty matters can be changed into a home of peace and happiness by just placing a Tantrik nariyal in the home.

The religious scriptures or the Shastras have given evidences of the Ekashi nariyal to be sacred and auspicious as they are regarded as very powerful in removing all problems relating to finance.

crushing it bookIt also removes of the malefic effects of black magic. All these lucky charms or auspicious objects are good only till they are not misused. Many Tantrik sadhus make use of these objects for the destruction of others.

People pay and hire such sadhus to use the powers of the Tantrik nariyal for performing certain Tantrik activities that may cause harm to the property or health of a person; these tantric activities even cause death.

This is generally done out of jealousy and greed. So such things should not be encouraged in the society.

God has bestowed us with certain sacred gifts of nature that helps us in achieving success and prosperity in life. The misuse of the gifts of God by mankind results in the overall destruction of humanity and mankind in this world.

One should make the utmost out of the good things given to us. We should improve the lives and not aiming at the destruction of the others.

Thus this symbol of sacredness and purity should be preserved as it is, without turning it into an harm-causing object.

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